The Research Committee works diligently to gather pertinent information regarding the pro-life movement and present it in easily attainable and understandable ways. These issues span the five major areas of DFLA’s mission: abortion, assisted suicide, the death penalty, healthcare, and systemic racism.

We are actively collecting information on pro-life Democratic legislators, policy makers, activists, and candidates. We research voting records, public statements, and monetary transactions to grade incumbents and candidates so DFLA can better make recommendations to pro-life Democratic voters across the United States. The Research Committee believes knowledge is power and we pride ourselves in finding correct and current information about the issues we care about.

Are you analytically minded, passionate about data collection, a Wikipedia wizard, or simply interested in helping DFLA with your research skills? Join our team as a volunteer! Contact our National Research Director, Teague Broquard, via the form below to see what you can start doing today!

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