State Rep. Treneé McGee, Connecticut

Representative McGee is dressed in a suit and leaning against a polished marble pillar. She is smiling with her arms crossed and head slightly tilted to the side.

Treneé McGee has been a member of the Connecticut House of Representatives from the 116th district, which includes parts of the cities of New Haven and West Haven, since 2021.

She is the youngest black woman ever elected to serve in the Connecticut General Assembly, and the youngest woman currently serving in the Connecticut House of Representatives.

McGee is an advocate of a consistent life ethic, opposing abortion, capital punishment, and euthanasia. She was one of two signatories of a letter circulated by Democrats for Life advocating for the return of the 2000 Democratic Party platform’s acknowledgment of a diversity of opinion on abortion.

In 2022, McGee raised objections to House Bill 5414, signed by Governor Ned Lamont and aimed at expanding access to abortions. She opposed the bill, arguing that black people have been disproportionately targeted by the abortion industry. In regards to abortion, McGee said that her main priority would be to implement policies to lessen the demand for abortions.

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