The Time is Now – #RunProLife

Introductory Zoom Meeting for Potential Candidates will be September 8th at 6pm EST

Click here for RSVP and More Info


It has never been a more crucial time for pro-life Democrats.

Our movement is growing rapidly, at a time when the DNC has shut us out of the conversation.

This site launches our initiative #RunProLife, which seeks to elect pro-life Democrats in offices all across the country. If you have ever felt a pull to run for office, but are unsure if your values fit within the current party, now is the time to stand up and fight back. We deserve to have a place in the party of diversity, equality, and inclusion.

There are millions of us out there. All we need is bold and courageous leaders willing to step forth and change the narrative. The future of our party is pro-life, and whole-life.


Contact us to set up a time to have an introductory video call with fellow pro-life Democrats who will discuss their experiences. After that, we can help educate you on different offices within your district that you can run for.

Together, we can show the DNC the power and strength that our movement has. The time is now.

Sincerely, David Donofrio, Director of Recruitment